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5 Ways Videos Can Improve The Learning Process




Not much time has passed since we primarily used chalkboards, textbooks, and flashcards to promote learning through visual stimulation.

We then progressed to using over-head projectors and reel films. The next logical step was to then move on to videos as teaching aids.

Wow… We sure have come a long way.

The reality is that a number of trustworthy studies have shown that we learn much faster and retain more knowledge when visual aids are used.

This make video an extremely effective tool.

#1 One Video Can Teach Many Lessons

Every aspect of every step of the process can be covered in one

It would be difficult to get every teacher who contributes to every lesson in the same room at the same time. In some cases it may actually be impossible.


Imagine in one classroom, each teacher giving you lessons and examples about instrument technique, improvisation technique, harmony, ear training, transcriptions… that would be a mess! In each lesson on JVL you will find links to related content so you can always find bridges between topics.

The concentrated lesson allows the students to be less distracted as they are able to take in everything all at once.

#2 Play It Again… And Again

Repetition is a wonderful learning tool.

You are much more likely to remember something if you say it out loud 5 times in a row. Try it yourself. Repetition makes it “stick”.

A video lesson can be replayed over and over again. You can go back over any points of confusion as many times as you want until you properly grasp the concept.

Whether I’m playing a transcription, demonstrating an improvisation technique, or explaining some harmony, you can make me repeat as many times as you want!

#3 Recorded Private Lessons

I record some of the private lessons or training sessions I conduct and provide those to the members of

The option to view the lessons again is invaluable. It can be a more effective learning tool for the student than simply downloading a simple PDF filled with text. That visual stimulation during the video allows for the key points to be more easily retained and recalled later.


#4 Videos Can Also Show What Should NOT Be Done

A typical lesson will outline what needs to be done in order to achieve a goal or complete a task.

But sometimes it is just as important to see what not to do.

This is particularly powerful when I am trying to prevent students from making potentially disastrous decisions. Video use gives me the ability to clearly show the full effect of any negative consequences. Video can be just as powerful when it is used to show unwanted results.

#5 Visual Lessons Can Inspire Creativity

If there was ever a time when creativity is needed, it is during the learning

Videos can help to motivate conversations and activate problem-solving sessions. This all contributes to a positive learning experience for students. Thoughts can form more clearly and will be more focused.

Watching a hands-on experience gets the creative juices flowing and helps to keep the boredom at bay. Reading about that same material may be more difficult to understand than just seeing it actually happen.





Ready to start? Join in today! I’m looking forward to to have you on board and start helping you!

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