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Hank Mobley – Nica’s Dream

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In this lesson we analyze the solo of Hank Mobley over “Nica’s Dream” on the inaugural album of Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers on Columbia Records with Hank Mobley on tenor, Donald Byrd on trumpet, Horace Silver on bass, Doug Watkins on bass and Art Blakey on drums.

Once I have transcribed a phrase, I like to “zoom out” to see what are the targeted notes on beats 1 and 3, and “zoom in” to the quarter note level to see the targeted notes on each beat.


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  • DAUDAN Says

    Great stuff !

  • Patrick Siruguet Says

    Very interesting Alex, c’est même très intéressant. Je vais en parler à mon prof de sax 😉

  • Guys, I want to point out a little mistake in this video. At minute 21 I say to transpose the phrase to Eb-7 Ab7 DbMaj7 and then for some reason I play Ab-7 Eb7 GbMaj7 (for the tenor), I guess I went too fast in my head in the cycle of fourths!

  • Also, someone ask me if I could suggest a “path” to watch the lessons in a certain order. This is a great question but as of today I cannot answer it for two reasons:
    1- There is not yet enough lessons to suggest a certain order. But as soon as I feel I can suggest some kind of path, I will.
    2- Obviously it depends also on your knowledge and playing skills so it is different for everyone.

    However, I try to create lessons that follow each others, like a book, chapters after chapters. So for instance if you go to the Jazz Harmony section, the videos at the bottom of the section will be the first ones, and the ones at the top the last ones (so more advanced), so you can scroll down and see which chapter looks like something interesting or new to you.

    whatever topics you are studying, with me or with your private teacher, try always to practice it with a band, invest some time focusing on one topic and try to be creative with it. I just posted a lesson about triads and there is sooooo much you can do with basic triads! I’ve been playing for 20 years and I’m still having fun and discovering things practicing basic triads! Write your own exercises, try to write a piece of music based on the topic you are studying.

    Always have fun practicing and playing :)


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