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Jazz Theory Quiz 2

Beginner, Jazz Theory, Quiz

This is the quiz of this Jazz Theory lesson


Please note:

You have to complete this test in less than 5 minutes

You can take this test only 2 times

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1) How many type of triads do we find in the major scale?

2) In the major scale how many major triads do we have?

3) In the major scale how many minor triads do we have?

4) In the key of E Major, the note B is the scale degree:

5) If the F major triad is identified as scale degrees 5, 7, 9, this means we are in the key of:

6) In the major scale, the VI chord is:

7) The Gb Major triad is the IV chord of:

8) The G diminished triad is the VII chord of:

9) The II chord of Ab Major is:

10) F- is the VI chord of:

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Leaderboard for Jazz Theory 2

1. Valentin-100%
2. javi-100%
3. Lonnie Easter-100%
4. Manu de la rosa-90%
5. markus-90%

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