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Quiz Jazz Theory Lesson 1

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This is the quiz related to the Jazz Theory Lesson 1


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How many notes minimum do you need to create a chord?

The tertian harmonic system is based on:

A triad has 3 notes. How many positions?

What is the reference note of a chord?

What is the reference note of a scale?

How many types (or nature) of triads do we have?

What is the second inversion of Bb minor?

What is the root position of Eb minor?

What is the 1st inversion of F# major?

What is the root position of A augmented?

What is the first inversion of C diminished?

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Leaderboard for Jazz Theory 1

1. Paul-100%
2. Toni Linder-100%
3. Manu de la rosa-100%
4. Jeff-100%
5. Lonnie Easter-90%


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