Alex Terrier has studied, performed and recorded with some of the greatest musicians both in Europe and the US. A demanded musician and acclaimed instructor, Alex shares his knowledge and thoughts with you. Read More


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photo maluHello,

My name is Alex Terrier, I am a French musician and I live between Paris and New York City. I have the honor to perform with the Mingus Big Band,  Kenny Barron, David Kikoski, George Garzone, Pierre De Bethmann, Manu Codjia to name just a few. I studied at the National School of Music in France and Berklee College of Music in the US.

I created this website to help musicians like you, to share my experience both from the academic world and the real world: the stage. For more details about my path, you can click here to read my bio.

I am committed to help you improve not only as an instrumentalist but as a musician, as an artist. From basic techniques to advanced jazz improvisation techniques, theory, practice routines, compositions, how to learn and memorize standards, the jazz articulation, these are only a few examples of the content you will find in the library of lessons. I share my own concepts and ideas, my practice routines, my experience and most importantly I do care about my students and take pride in having a real relationship with them. Therefore I am available to answer any question you may have.


  • Get the answers to all your questions

  • Learn what and how to practice

  • A great variety and always growing number of lessons

  • In-depth study of each topic

  • Analysis of tunes and transcriptions

  • Content that is relevant to YOU and at a great value


Alex Terrier With The Mingus Big Band At The Jazz Standard In NYC

Here some examples of what some of my students are doing:

David Angol, from the UK:

Jeff Rzepiela, from California:



what people are sayingI am passionate about this community and I do all I can to help my students. My reward is receiving this type of messages:

  • “Your videos are very well done, full of information. This is impressive!”
  • “Congratulations on your fantastic job”
  • “Your lessons are really interesting”
  • “Thank you for your website, very well designed with some very interesting content”

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