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test your knowledge of Charlie Parker

You have 3 minutes to complete this quiz about Charlie Parker. Can you get all 12 points?

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Welcome to your Charlie Parker Quiz


Charlie Parker’s famous nickname was Bird (or Yardbird). What was his nickname from his hometown Kansas City?
Both Charlie Parker and Miles Davis claimed to be the composer of:

One of Charlie Parker’s mentor with whom he studied was:

He was born in:

Which tunes are based on the rhythm changes?

During a jam session, a drummer threw a cymbal at young Bird to get him off stage. Which drummer was it?

Which of these tunes is not based on the classic blues harmonic progression?

In the Charlie Parker Lectures, we noticed that Bird approached often the E-7 chord with:

In general, in Bird’s playing, phrases in eighth notes end on the:

In general, in Bird’s playing, phrases in sixteenth notes end on the:

Neither his birth certificate or gravestone mention his middle name. What was it?
When he moved to New York City, what was his first job?

Leaderboard for Charlie Parker Quiz

1. Jeff Rzepiela-12 Points
2. Sigvard Madsen-9 Points
3. Ron-9 Points
4. Dylan Anderson-9 Points
5. Toni Linder-9 Points

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  • Bird48
    Bird48 Says

    I downloaded Bird live at Christey’s in Boston 1951 .. had no idea it existed- Wardell Gray on tenor .. poor audio quality but it’s swingin’ !

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